There are 5 Key Steps to ensuring a successful Construction Project.

Keeping a Construction Site Diary well is part of one of them. When you ask us to partner with you we not only help you assess your current operation and procedures as well as help you transform your practices to include these 5 Key Steps but we stay the course with you to help you implement them. If and when the time comes to deal with a Building & Construction Debt Recovery Payment Dispute the benefit of having these 5 Key Steps in your organization will be invaluable.

When you order your new Construction Site Diary we will personally deliver it to you, or you can collect it from our office and we will carefully show you how to work with each of the categories to ensure maximum benefit.

After your first month, or at a time of your choosing, our Security Of Payments Act Specialist will review your use of your new Construction Site Diary and provide any tuition necessary.

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